Visa to Kazakhstan and Support

If you are traveling to Kazakhstan you need to obtain an appropriate visitor’s visa.  8 495 545 71 89


The following nationalities can obtain visa, Tourist and business for a one month validity, one  entry at a consulate or embassy without an invitation:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,  Greece, Ireland,  Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore,  Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom  and USA. Andorra,  Argentina,  Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech  Rep,  Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Poland, Romania, San-Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Uruguay, Vatican.    

The consulates at Kazakh airports only issue visa against an invitation and one entry. Though  it can be changed later, Visa for a longer duration or multiple entry also require an invitation.  The invitation is submitted to OVIR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which after 5  working days submits it to the consulate concerned.  

The Ministry will pre-issue the visa to be available at the airport upon arrival. At the consular  section, before immigration, Travelers will have to complete on board or at the airport the 

visa request form and submit 1 photo.  Visa can be issued at airports in Almaty, Astana and  Atyrau or at any Kazakh embassy or consulate. Transit visa can also be issued at the airport. The fee for a 1 month visa is about 35.00 US.00 $. The visa fee at the airport is 42.00 for  tourist and 55.00 for business visa.  

Arriving in Kazakhstan an immigration form must be completed, The form may be issued by  the consulate with the visa. This form, stamped by  immigration will serve as proof of  registration for 90 days if it shows two entry stamps.  Registration after arrival with OVIR is  required if this form has not been completed.  Fee about 30.00 US.00 $. The registration must be made within 5 days after arrival at OVIR, If arrival overland or at a small airport the  registration is only stamped once, in this case the passport must be registered within 3 days.  

For a one year visa the registration s only valid for 3 months and then must be extended. 

Andorra,  Argentina,  Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Rep,  Estonia,  Hungary, Israel, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Poland, Romania, SanMarino, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Uruguay, Vatican.    

To apply for visa the following information is required: see form. 

Full name, date and place of birth.  Passport number,, date of issue and validity. Nationality,  Profession, residence address. Date and means of arrival and departure. Residence in Almaty  if known.  

Requrements for tourists to enter Kazakhstan

  1. Passport must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay
  2. Copy of of the first two pages of  tourists passport
  3. Fee, payable on collection of visa
  4. 1 passport-size photo;
  5. Fullfill the form below

1 Full Name (incl. name at birth or previous names if applicable):
2 Date of Birth :
3 City and Country of Birth :
4 Citizenship (also previous citizenship if changed) :
5 Passport Number :
6 Date of the passport issue and expiration :
7 Issuing authority :
8 Gender :
9 Marital Status:
9a if married: spouse's full name:
10 Occupation, Place of Employment and type of business :
11 Address and phone number of place of work :
12 Accompanying children travelling on applicant's passport :
13 Previous visits (date, purpose and inviting party if applicable):
14 Port of Entry :
15 Date(s) of Entry and Departure :
16 Cities and Sites you wish to visit :
17 City/country where you will obtain visa :
18 Home Address and Phone number:

Visa to Kazakhstan on arrival in Moscow and other cities

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