Troy Assos

Troy Assos
In Homer's poems and in poems of his followers Troy is the town of Priam, which was plundered by Agamemnon army as the result of campaign with the aim of return of kidnapped Helen. For a historian and an archaeologist Troy is the settlement of the Bronze Age, discovered for the first time by Henrich Shliman in the 19th century.
Assos, the history of which reaches the times of the Great Hett King Tutaliy IV (13 century ВС), is situated in extremely perfect place on the Aegean Sea coast opposite the Lesbos Island. The town is famous for such historical monuments as the ruins of Athena Temple of Doric style (6th century ВС) and the ruins of Gymnasium, in which Aristotle taught, fortress walls and antique port.

 We recommend taking with you:

  • Camera, video camera
  • Money
  • Headdress, sunglasses and sun cream
  • Convenient footwear


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