Tortoise Island Dalyan

On 70 km to the east from Marmaris the river Dalyan flows, which fall into the Mediterranean Sea. In the mouth of the river the sand spit is situated - it is the Iztuzu Beach. Dalyan and the Iztuzu Beach are the second in size breeding ground of the Mediterranean tortoises of extinct specie Caretta, which appeared already 95 million years ago. Traveling along the river Dalyan one can see graven in the cliffs tombs of Likya kings (IV century ВС) of the town of Caunos. In picturesque valley, where the tourists come on small yachts, one can take curative mud baths. This natural spring represents a pool, filled with sulfur water, the bottom of which is covered with curative mud.
We recommend taking with you:
• Camera, video camera
• Money
• Swimsuit, swimming trunks, towel
• Headdress, sunglasses and sun cream
• Convenient footwear

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