Talas Valley

Talas Valley is divided from other parts of Kyrgyzstan by the range of mountains and the best way to get there is to start from Bishkek through Kazakhstan. But many tourists find it more interesting to go through Too Ashuu pass and Suusamyr Valley.
The ancient place of Talas still remembers the hoofs rumble of legendary Manas's troops. The Kyrgyz hero, whose deeds are depicted in the same named epos, is buried here. Nowadays it is a popular place for the archaeologists and historians from all over the "world. There are two versions of establishing Manas' mausoleum. The first says that it was built by his son Semetei, "who brought the dead body there, the second proves it was his wife Kanykei. The mausoleum consisting of one room is designed in typical Asian style with octagonal roof.


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