Stalin's Bunker

Stalin's Bunker is one of the most curious museums of the present, which has remained since the Great Patriotic War. Until 1990, the Bunker, constructed during the war as alternative General Headquarters, was leak-tight. It was built in 6 months in 1942 with the capacity for 600 people. The construction was carried out day and night in the conditions of high secrecy. This construction has no analogues both in time schedule and scope of work. It seems as if the time has stopped here, and nothing has changed since that time. The bunker contains the conference room, where Stalin could receive a visit from 115 people with reports, the private office with the lounge, rooms on different floors. There are documents in one of these rooms, which had become the museum exhibits. The Great Patriotic War exposition is displayed in museums rooms, here visitors can find out the details of the governmental organizations presence.

I. V. Stalin's Bunker
167, Frunze street, Samara, 443010, tel. (846) 333-35-71

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