Sport Kyrgystan

Sport games and competitions accompanied nomadic life and always by right considered to be the pledge of healthy life style and inner spirit. Every nomad respecting himself had to know definite complex of sport experience in order to participate in competitions for strength and adroitness, and how to surmount obstacles. And of course with his horse, a horse rider formed a single whole.
National games and various sport competitions even today remain for Kyrgyz people to be important part of social life. Seldom significant event or festival manages without fascinating and exciting horse games and competitions of riders. It will be interesting for one to see and participa in these games, to try one's strength, adroitness and sharpness.
Since ancient times Kyrgyz people have been perfect riders. Competitions of djigits (skillful horseman) demand strength, boldness, adroitness and skill of perseverance. «At chabysh» (horse race for 20-30 km. distance) and «Zhorgo salysh» (horse race of amblers) are the most popular and common games. Not less interesting and exciting are combat of djigits by horse called as «Oodarysh», and collective fight of two commands by horse for carcass of goat «Ulak tartysh» or «Kok boru». Horse duel for speed «Kyz kuumai» (run down a girl) that has been mostly common since ancient times among Kyrgyz youth causes storm of cheers.

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