Osh - 3000 years old.

Osh is the oldest city in Kyrgyzstan and is the historical one as well. Archaeologists have found artifacts dating back to about fifth century B.C. It is located at the crossroads along the ancient trading routes that became known as the Silk Road almost guaranteed that it would  become  a  major  settlement.
Recently the world have celebrated Oshs three thousand years. Because of its uniqueness, Sulaiman Too has been included into world cultural heritage list by the UNESCO. Sulaiman Too (Solomon's mountain) which is in the center of the city dominates the city skyline.
There is  also a  small archaeological  cultural museum  with   many  of the ancient artifacts discovered in the city environs. A historical-ethnographic museum called Great Silk Road Museum, on Kurmanjan Datka, has well done exhibitions which focus on South Kyrgyzstan and cover the Silk Road days, Kyrgyz immigration from South Siberia; the Kokand khanate; Russian annexation in 1865 and Bolshevik takeover after 1917. One interesting exhibit is a map dating from 1953 that shows the different Kyrgyz tribes and clans.

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