The museum of vodka

There is a unique sight - the monument to the Russian vodka. It's the first and the only one in Russia. The Samara dweller Vasilij Ogolzov built the monument himself opposite his country house. This small monument is an upturned cast-iron pot on the fanciful base with the bottle labeled "Vodka Nikolaevskaja". 5 years before that he had organized a Folk museum of vodka in Nikolajevka. The museum collection started in 1961 and it has been growing since then. The bottles of different shape and origin occupied the shelves in the barn, garage and the room in the house. These exhibition areas hold more than 6 000 glass exhibits and other materials and books including "The history of the Russian vodka". A lot of Samara people contribute to the museum collection with quaint shapes and names. Glass bottles in the shape of the mobile phone and hunting rifle, an open book and a shell, a beaver and a bear are on display here. People from all over Samara region come to see the unusual folk relic.

The museum of vodka
Volzhskij district, Nikolajevka village

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