Kostanay city emblem

Kostanay city emblem was confirmed in 1979.
City emblem represents a shield with chamfered upper corners, incurved sides and pointed bottom. In the center of shield on a bicolor (azure and yellow) background there is a plaquette in a form of a straight-sided shield. The plaquette features four-sailed windmill - the symbol of process industry, historically associated with Kostanay city image. Over the plaquette is a rising sun. On both sides of the plaquette there are two golden eagles that hold in their pounces a ribbon with the city founding year indication. Below the ribbon there is a heraldic image of light and chemical industry manufacture units (two types of spools with a thread). The bottom of the shield is enframed by an azure ribbon with ivolute ends and «Kostanay» inscription in Russian and Kazakh languages. Designer of the emblem is Viktor Nikolaevich Trosinenko.

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