The mountains ot Kyrgyzstan give the traveler fine and  exciting imagination and the possibility to spend an unforgettable night in the
real nomadic yurt on high-mountainous jayloo. Jayloo is high-mountainous pastures which are actively used by thousands of cattlemen today; it remains the main place of pasture of animals and receptions o{ a high-quality meat products. The taste of sheep's meat which has been brought up on fragrant pastures of Ala-Too won't be confused with any other one. The farmers regularly load the yurts in the truck or an off-road car in the beginning of spring every year, drive herd and slowly direct them to mountains.
 Jayloo keeps magnificent natural  beauty: the pure mountain streams, snow-white glaciers sparkling on the sun, crystal lakes and vast grassy open spaces. Jayloo is a heart of the Kyrgyz Universe.

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