Golden eagle of Kyrgystan

The image of the horseman with a golden eagle on his hand has already become one of the basic tourist brands of Kyrgyzstan. A golden eagle was used for hunting for more than ten centuries. It "was considered that having presented the son a baby bird of this mighty bird, the father wished to see him well
matched for a golden eagle courageous and strong. A secret pedagogical calculation also disappeared in this step. Tt was big art to train and bring a bird of priories for effective hunting demanding not only persistence and patience, but also a wide soul. The bird dewed and the future Djigit grew. The experience of training the wild birds was collected through centuries; secrets transferred from father; to son and were kept from strangers in a deep mystery. The caught bird is gradually accustomed to the owner. The berkutchi doesn't sleep some nights for this purpose. The bird should eat forage only from his hands, and no others. When it got used to the hunter, his horse and his dog, it starts to train the game bird: at first it is used as a stuffed animal for a fox, and only then a live prototype. Special equipments prepared for hunting with birds are coverlet, a cap, a bed, a leash. The trained golden eagle can take even a walfj along with small animals - hares, foxes, partridges, black hazel grouses. Special rounds for exotic fans are organized in Kyrgyzstan, where a traveler can take part in this ancient kind of hunting and feel in a role of the present nomad-berkutchi.

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