The earls Orlovs-Davidovs' manor

The architectural monument of the first half of the XIX century - the earls Grigory and Vladimir Orlovs-Davidovs' manor is situated in the village Usolje of the Shigonsky district. The village was given to the brothers Orlovs by the empress Catherine II of Russia. It became the main Orlovs' residence with the earl manor and patrimonial estate office. The Usolje manor building complex is a symmetrical construction of the square shape stretching from the north to the south. The main entrance to the manor with two sentry-boxes is located on the central axis of the composition, then comes the front yard with the central building of the former patrimonial estate office surrounded with cast-iron railing of highly artistic moulding, and then there is a park. The main building of the agricultural technical school is located in the central building of the manor.

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