Didima Miletos Priena excursions

Didima was one of the religious centres of antiquity, the place of worship of the god Apollon in honour of whom the gigantic temple was raised. The size of the temple simply stuns: 109x51 meters. In the times of antiquity 128 elegant columns, the height of which reached 19,5 meters, surrounded the front of the temple!
In 23 kilometers from Didima the antique Miletos is situated. The town in which the art, science, philosophy flourished.
The last point of your traveling will be Priene, situated in 17 km from Miletos. The town was founded in 350 ВС and was ruled by lonians, Lidians, Persians, and after that it was ruled by Alexander the Great. About former grandeur today remind the ruins of Athena Temple of IV century ВС, the buildings of parliament, fish market, theatre and town walls.
The programme of this excursion also includes the visiting of shopping centre, where all known trademarks of producers of clothes and footwear are represented.

  We recommend taking with you:

  • Camera, video camera
  • Money
  • Headdress, sunglasses and sun cream
  • Convenient footwear
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