Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra Island
The heavenly spot with picturesque islands, crystal-clear water of the Aegean Sea, where the bottom is seen on the depth of three meters, and unique sand - all this you will see if you set out for the excursion to Cleopatra Island.
It is a unique island with a sand shore and Roman ruins, situated in the bay of Kekova. The island is surrounded by green hills and at present time is under the decree of guarding and preserving the nature. In order to find yourself on the island you have to make 12 km from Marmaris through the pine forest to the shore of a small gulf. You will spend an unforgettable time, bathing in crystal-clear seawater or walking around the island and discovering for yourself small Roman amphitheatre, columns and church.

We recommend taking with you:

• Camera, video camera
• Money
• Swimsuit, swimming trunks, towel
• Headdress, sunglasses and sun cream
• Convenient footwear

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