Academician S.P.Korolev Aviation and cosmonautics museum

Aviation and cosmonautics museum was opened in 1977. There are 4 main sections of the exhibition: The history of Russian aviation, Space developing stages, University history, Aerospace Samara. There are more than 150 models of the aviation and rocket technology in the museum collection. Such as the orbital development "MIR", models of the carrier rockets "Vostok" and "Soyuz" and others. A lot of visitors are very interested in ejection seats, high-altitude pilot's equipment, documents and letters of S.P.Korolev, Tsiolkovsky's publications, cosmic food samples and the instruments for work in space. The museum is very proud to have the models of the aerospace engineering, designed in Samara on display. In the resources of the museum there are priceless evidence of our country former power and the unique old aeronautics documents. You could visit the training laboratories of the Aerospace University and see the real space rockets and its internal arrangement.

Academician S.P.Korolev aviation and cosmonautics museum
Building 14, Moscow highway, 34, Samara, Samara region, 443086

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