Alexei Tolstoy museum-manor

Alexei Tolstoy museum-manor was opened in 1983. Now this is the only Alexei Tolstoy's monographic museum, devoted to his life and work. The country estate of the 2nd part of 19th century is unique and has its own historical and cultural value. The main exhibits are the Alexei Tolstoy's and his mother's (the authoress A.L.Tolstaya) archives: letters, diaries, photos and books. There are more then 10 000 documents in the museum resources, concerned with the writer's life and work. The main part of the exhibition occupies the memorial flat. The Alexei Tolstoy's original household things and the decor will transfer you into the atmosphere of that time.

Alexey Tolstoy museum-manor
155 Frunze street, Samara, 443010, tel. (846) 332-11-22 332-03-77

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