Djety-Oguz — that is « Seven hulls»

Djety-Oguz - that is « Seven hulls» - that is the name of one of the most beautiful place in Tien-Shan,located on eastern part of Issyk-Kul Mountain valley created by similar named river falling into Issyk-Kui from northern slopes of Terskei Ala-Too ridge gathers around popular resort located near the entrance to the valley. Resort is created on the basis of hot sulphuretted hydrogenated water, healing power of which was known since ancient times. Everyone can relax here, taking bath with this water. In the environs of the resort one can see beautiful rocky ensembles of «Broken heart» and «Seven bulls». If one goes upper toward gorge canyon after some period of time the walls of the canyon will disperse and one will be able to see beautiful panorama of fabulous mountains covered by dark green carpet from Tien-Shan firs. Kok-Djayik is popular among tourists. There is cozy yourt city; the guides can offer one to have horse excursions. On the upper reaches of Djety-Oguz River there are lakes, waterfalls, zoological reserve. On the upper part of the valley there is a rocky vertical wall, in the middle part of which raises the most beautiful double top Oguz-Bashy (head of the bull), the height is 5170 m. Everybody compares this peak with the beauty of Swiss Alpines - Jungfrau Mountain.

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